Christianity was introd uced to IDOANI AREA in 1892 by Mr Isaac Tenabe when he arrived from Ilesa where he was a captive. About 1872, Chief Ogedengbe, the great warrior of Ilesa fame had overrun some of the villages, (Iyayu, Amusigbo, Ido (Owani), Isure, Ako and Isewa which later came together in 1921 to form the present Idoani). He made away with some captives to Ilesa among them was Mr Isaac Tanabe. He regained his freedom and became a convert to Christianity and was baptized by the Revd. S.M.Luke in 1892 at Ilesa. He met a lady, a fellow captive there at Ilesa by the name Rebecca Morenike whom he married later on at St Stephen Anglican Church, Ondo in 1894 when he was in Ondo for training in evangelism under Bishop Charles Philips. He was confirmed on May 2, 1894. Mr Isaac Tenable started first by bringing together those in and around the family house for prayer, briefing them on his experience and the new found faith. He also introduced them to the Yoruba Primer titled A.B.D. On November 13, 1892, he brought many people together from the six villages to his fathers house at Iyayu to form the first congregation which was later christened St. Paul. The first church was built in 1894, it was a small building with mud wall ,thatched roof and mud seats. This was replaced with a bigger one in 1907, the third church building was dedicated on November 29, 1915. Pa Isaac Tenable’s brand of Christianity which spread through Owo, Akoko and Ogori areas was both of the spiritual and physical heath and salvation; as he preached the gospel , he also encouraged farming. He introduced cocoa to Owo Area. Pa Tenable was transferred from Idoani to Imeri in 1910.

The first baptismal service was conducted on November 25, 1900 by the Rev T.A.J Ogunbiyi and the second on March 13, 1905 by Bishop James Johson from Bonny in Delta where he was the Assistant Bishop of Lagos in charge of the C.M.S Niger Mission. Within a period of ten years, Christianity had become well established in Idoani than any other town in the area. In 1907 Rev. H.F. Gane knowing that no other town could get sufficient men to carry his Loads from Osogbo during his coming to Owo to stay except Idoani, he wrote to Mr Tenable to send people to do this. Tenable sent eleven people, four carried the wife of the missionary while the remaining seven men carried their luggage.


When Christianity started in Idoani in 1892, there was only one District Church Council (D. C. C) in the present Ondo state, Ekiti State and part of Osun State. The Council was known as Ondo District Church Council. It comprised Owo, Ondo, Ilesa, Ijero, Akure, Ado-Ekiti and Idoani. This was in 1892 to 1909, in 1909 Owo District Church council was formed comprising Owo, Ilesa, Ijero, Akure, Ado-Ekiti and Idoani.In 1911, the following towns were carved out of Owo D.C. C was Ilesa, Ado-ekiti and Ijero.Akoko division was carved out of Owo D.C.C in 1926. Another D.C.C was formed by Owo, Akure, Idoani and Ifon in 1926, Owo was made the headquarter, in 1927 Akure was carved out of Owo D.C.C.

The D.C.C meeting was held in Iyayu on november 29, 1915. The meeting was presided over by Rev.H.F. Gane. The Secretary was Rev J.S. Adejumo, eleven church workers and fourteen representatives attended the meeting Mr. Ibileru was then the church worker. Holy Trinity Church Idoani attained a parish status in 1955. In 1963 Idoani, Idogun and Afo formed a D.C.C, Idoani was the headquarter with Rev Z.S Olukoju as the first superintendent. Idoani had the first resident pastor Rev T.A Bankole on October 1933. Owo became a Diocese in the 1983 and Idoani became the first Archdeaconry in the newly created Diocese, The Ven J.M Olokunbola became the first Archdeacon in December 29, 1983.

The church experienced so much transformation under the leadership of Ven F.A Ayenigbara, Ven.Dr. J.O Ogundimite and Ven C.O Fakiyesi .The second tenure of Ven Ayenigbara has been very remarkable for the the notable achievements in the church. The church attained the status of a Cathedral when on January 15th ,2010 the Diocese of Idoani was inaugurated by the Most Revd Peter Jasper Akinola, Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan.


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